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Carly Price, Co-Founder & Inventor, Liv Labs Inc.

Carly Price is an accomplished design and innovation leader, start-up founder, inventor, and designer of award-winning products with market longevity. She is adept at both strategy and execution, with experience in consulting, start-ups and corporate environments. Carly leads with a strong creative vision, balanced with operational effectiveness. She has built creative teams from the ground-up and effectively re-directed teams that were not meeting business targets. She is a people-centric leader of leaders who nurtures and grows talent, and inspires creative teams to do their best work. Carly has expertise in developing digital products and services, and integrated digital-physical experiences. She has worked across industries including financial services, hospitality, retail, automotive, consumer (durable and consumable goods), healthcare, e-commerce, and nonprofit. Carly has experience in consulting, start-ups and corporate environments, developing services, retail experiences, and digital and consumer products.