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Bianca Riello, Founder, ATDev

Bianca Riello is a graduate of the Masters of Engineering program at UC Berkeley with a degree in Bioengineering. Her professional and volunteer roles have consistently prioritized clinician and patient facing design and feedback. Early on in her professional development, she spent two years shadowing at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital where her interest and knowledge of the robotic tools and gaps in care grew immensely. Most recently prior to her work at ATDev, she served as a Medical Device Analyst for an orthopedic surgeon within the SF VA Department of Orthopedic Surgery to design a physiologically representative system and computationally assess the mechanical safety of several novel hip implant designs. Her other transformative involvements include research in biomechanics, data acquisition, development of other monitoring devices for various indications for use, and writing and co-authoring two patents.