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John Maroney, Director, Raydiant Oximetry

John Maroney is an advisor and mentor to CEOs. His particular focus is on development and early commercialization phases for medical technology companies. As a thought partner, sounding board and experienced CEO and venture capitalist, his clients find leverage and great value working with John. John is known for sharing his wide range of experience and knowledge in his direct and straightforward approach; John does not mince words. He has been applauded by CEOs as a trusted co-pilot. His direct, spot-on observations and ability to anticipate issues and provide insightful advice are highly valued. In this advisory role, John supports CEOs and their teams across a broad set of vital issues. These include developing strategic plans and supporting them with crisp activation approaches. As an industry expert with a wide network, he also helps identify and vet potential business, partnership and patent/intellectual property opportunities. Having served as an operating CEO, John understands and can help drive fundamental issues required for success. Examples include building and growing the team, capital strategies, board management, clinical trials, and product and process scalability supporting commercialization. Chief Executive Officers of development-stage medical technology opportunities look to John as a critical and trusted resource. He leverages an extensive network, deep industry understanding through experience as an operating leader and CEO and 10 years as a successful venture investor as a General Partner of Delphi Ventures to further your success and that of your company.