Kaitlin Christine, Founder & CEO, Gabbi

Kaitlin Christine is a breast cancer survivor and ovarian cancer previvor who has made it her life’s work to empower women to understand their bodies and advocate for themselves. She is the CEO & Founder at Gabbi, Inc. where she and the Gabbi team are on a mission to decrease delayed diagnosis. Kaitlin has spent over 9 years in women’s health—working for leading nonprofits and as a sought after national speaker. She was the youngest hire for the world’s leading genetic testing company, Myriad Genetics. So far, she has brought Gabbi through a successful oversubscribed first round of funding in early 2021 and has pulled together a team of highly qualified experts and advisors. Kaitlin has also been selected as Oregon’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2021, winner of the HITLAB Women’s health tech challenge and HITLAB’s audience choice award.