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Michael Muelly, MD, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, imvaria inc.

Michael Muelly co-founded imvaria, where they work to empower healthcare professionals to provide better diagnoses through digital biomarkers and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Using data from various sources, such as imaging or wearables, we develop digital biomarkers by applying machine intelligence to help healthcare professionals explain, influence, and improve the diagnosis of severe and rare diseases. He has always had an interest and underlying passion for how new technologies can accelerate innovation. Healthcare is an impactful area where significant advances will result from thoughtful technology application, allowing us to improve people’s lives. He attended medical school not only to become a practicing physician, but to give me an in-depth understanding of where to apply my computer science background for impactful digital transformation in healthcare. Before co-founding imvaria, Michael was a Product Manager and Machine Learning Researcher at Google. He currently practices as a radiologist at Stanford and for Vision Radiology. He looks forward to connecting with professionals in health tech to add to innovation by way of words, ideas, and commitment to improving the projects they are currently working on.