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Jessica Bell van der Wal, Co-Founder & CEO, Frame Fertility

Jessica Bell van der Wal is reframing family planning as the CEO and Founder of Frame Fertility, a venture she launched with her husband following their own fertility crisis. Founded in 2020, Frame Fertility is the first and only evidence-based platform that enables the early identification of fertility risk and care navigation leading to better fertility and overall health. Developed with clinical experts, Frame Fertility’s approach alleviates a downstream and often costly fertility crisis for patients, employers and providers.

Prior to Frame, she led teams in marketing, customer success, operations and strategy at various early and late stage companies including Castlight Health, Nike, Deloitte Consulting and Genentech. She currently sits on the advisory boards of two digital health companies as well as multiple educational institutions, nonprofits, and women’s empowerment organizations.

Jessica’s foundational training in public health and international volunteer experience colors her passion for health solutions on a broad scale. Jessica holds a BA in Public Health from UNC Chapel Hill and an MBA from Harvard Business School.