Guillaume Cohen-Skalli, Co-founder & CEO, Paloma Health

Guillaume Cohen-Skalli, also known as “G,” grew up in France, where entrepreneurship runs in his family. He quickly embraced the world of finance, working as an investment banker in London. However, his entrepreneurial heritage soon called him back to France, where he co-founded two successful startups. G’s thirst for new challenges led him to New York City a decade ago. Here, he became a general partner at Interplay Ventures, further solidifying his reputation in the startup ecosystem. But it was witnessing a close friend struggle with debilitating hypothyroidism that inspired G’s next venture. In 2019, G launched Paloma Health – a virtual specialty clinic devoted to hypothyroidism treatment. Four years later, the vision has not changed; Paloma Health is all about building a patient-centered model that would improve outcomes and reduce the stigma around this highly prevalent but often misunderstood condition.