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Ann Garnier, Founder & CEO, Lisa Health

Ann Garnier, Lisa Healths founder and CEO, is a seasoned healthcare leader, helping to create, launch, and scale innovative tech companies and products that have improved patient outcomes and access to care. At Lisa Health, Ann leads the team to enhance the well-being of midlife women. She is passionate about women’s health and advancing research beyond pregnancy and fertility to reduce the serious and costly health risks that women face as they age and help them celebrate the start of something great. Ann graduated from California State University with a BA degree in communications and business administration and completed executive management programs in strategy and organization and marketing management at Stanford University.
Ann started Lisa Health in 2017. She spent her career starting companies and building products to improve patient outcomes, with a focus on women and children’s health. Like most women, Ann didn’t know much about menopause or think it was something you should prepare for. When she reached menopause at the classic age of 51, it went off without a hitch. No symptoms. She thought she was one of the few lucky women who sail through perimenopause. A year later the symptoms started to pile on. After a few frustrating weeks and getting little support from her physicians, she decided to take matters into her own hands. The results? Symptoms conquered, relationship thriving, life better than ever, found new ambitious calling to help other women and advance midlife women’s health on a global scale.