Sean Woodruff, Co-founder & VP of Customer Experience, Appa Health

Sean Woodruff, Appa Health VP of Customer Experience, is a psychology researcher, educator, and mental health advocate. Prior to joining Appa, he worked in clinical research labs at the University of California, San Francisco supporting participant recruitment, survey collection, and data analysis. Mr. Woodruff combines expertise in clinical research, web and user experience (UX) design, and marketing to provide exceptional experiences for adolescent users of Appa’s product. He has co-developed Appa’s product in partnership with Dr. Roundfield, focusing on engaging teens. With Dr. Roundfield’s clinical guidance, he has collaborated with mental health content creators and Appa’s teen advisory board to ensure Appa’s curriculum is compelling for young people. Additionally, Mr. Woodruff has led marketing and enrollment efforts, successfully building a waitlist of over 500 teens and parents and partnering with public school districts to enroll significant numbers of eligible students.