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The inside track from leaders in the field. For health technology entrepreneurs who want to speed their technology to market. We interview entrepreneurs and experts in areas such as IP, regulatory, and marketing. Recorded onsite in San Francisco.

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Shifamed, a Silicon Valley Medtech Innovation Hub

With Amr Salahieh, President & CEO, Shifamed

“We’re looking for scientific evidence that a concept is likely to be successful. And then, what did the first generation miss? So we can differentiate ourselves in features and technology.”

Digital Transformation, Safety, and Privacy in Healthcare

With Joe R. Bengfort, CIO, UCSF

“30% of the barriers to digital is in the technology and data. 70% is changing the culture and changing the workflow. And in healthcare, I think it’s particularly difficult.”

Digital Twins for Clinical Trials

With Charles K. Fisher, PhD, Founder & CEO, Unlearn.AI

Charles is founder and CEO of Unlearn.AI, a company developing “digital twins” for clinical trials. What is a digital twin? It’s a comprehensive, longitudinal, and computationally generated clinical record that describes what would have happened if a specific patient had received a placebo.

The Advantage of Being the Underdog

With Malay Gandhi, SVP, Business Operations, Evidation Health

“If you ask entrepreneurs, which we did, every six months we surveyed them, the most valuable thing we did was open doors.” Malay Gandhi is Partner at the VC firm Ensemble Labs, and Senior VP for Business Operations at Evidation Health.

How to Handle Money & Investors

With John Adler, Jr., MD

The CEO of both Zap Surgical and Cureus Inc., Dr. Adler is world-renowned for inventing the CyberKnife and the related field of image-guided therapeutic radiation. In this podcast episode he shares wisdom on how to handle money & investors.⁠

Top-Level Management

With Frank Fischer, Chairman of the Board, Neuropace

Frank Fischer, Chairman of the Board at NeuroPace, has more than 40 years experience in senior medtech leadership. Former President & CEO of Heartport, Ventritex. Does he have some wisdom to impart? You bet. Check out our latest episode.⁠

Lessons from a Career as a Physician Entrepreneur

With Frederick St. Goar, MD, Vice Chairman of the Board, Fogarty Institute

Dr. Fred St. Goar relates lessons from his career as an interventional cardiologist, inventor, and entrepreneur.

Predicting the Future with Big Data

With Thomas Osborne, MD, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, VA Palo Alto Health Care System

How the Pandemic is Changing Investing

With Ali Farahanchi, Managing Director, DHVC, an early-stage tech and life science fund in Palo Alto.