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What Makes a Great Product?

With SC Moatti, Managing Partner, Mighty Capital

“The best product is winning in this COVID era.”

Becoming a Better Leader & Team Manager

With Maria Sainz, President & CEO, AEGEA Medical

“There are things that are core to innovating in medical devices, which I think can be applied and used regardless of the size of the company.”

Developing Others & Giving Back

With Glen Tullman, Managing Partner, 7wireVentures

“Hire great people, develop people, bet on people, trust people and reward people. All of those are key elements of what we have to do in our businesses today.”

Restoring Patient Health from Metabolic Disease

With Harith Rajagopalan, MD, PhD

“It is impossible for any human being, even the most intelligent, to stay on top of that level of complexity.”

Preventing Foot Amputation in Diabetes Patients

With Jon Bloom, MD

“It’s been whole days in the operating room doing nothing but amputations. I kept thinking like, this is Civil War medicine. If it’s disease, you cut it off…if we could solve this thing, wouldn’t, that be amazing?”

How to Be a Confident, Effective Speaker

With Matt Abrahams, Co-Founder & Principal, BoldEcho Communications

“Tell me the time, don’t build me the clock.”

Telemedicine in the Women’s Health Space

With Crystal Evuleocha, CEO & Co-Founder, Kiira Health

“What I saw when I moved here was a lot of students from really diverse backgrounds on these campuses. And what’s really missed sometimes is not having clinicians who are representative of all these students.”

Faster & Better EEG Tests with Zeto

With Aswin Gunasekar, CEO & Founder, Zeto

“We want to provide a 10X process improvement because it’s one thing to talk about the future, but there’s a cadence to that. You first need to go after the inefficient work that physicians, EEG, technologists and caregivers do, so that they can be more productive in providing patient care.”

Solutions for Women’s Health

With Holly Sheffield, President, CooperSurgical

“We touch a lot of very important things, and have access to unique data, and we can imagine how to use that to power everyone to better outcomes.”