The best and the brightest in the healthtech industry sit down with the UCSF Rosenman Institute to discuss life, career, and lessons learned. Tune in for the lessons they’ve learned over their long and storied careers. 


Dana Kanze: Double Standards in Your Industry

With Dr. Dana Kanze

“All of us are vulnerable to these biases. We all need to have a structured approach to consistently framing our questions.”

Jeremiah Robison: The Amazing Electrical System

With Jeremiah Robison

“I started in my garage in 2018, building prototypes even before taking on any capital. I wanted to convince myself that this was not just a parent really desperate for a solution, but that this was possible. I was making a commitment not just to investors, but to my family as well.”

C.K. Wang, MD: Data For the Real World

With C.K. Wang, MD

“One of the promises of repository of medical records is the fact that we can glean insights and use them to better understand what is going on in the real world, and hopefully use that knowledge and all of that insight to help facilitate drug discovery or improve patient care.”

Sonia Arrison: Who Wants to Live Forever?

With Sonia Arrison

“We might be actually able to repair ourselves, rather than just keeping ourselves alive longer and still sick.”

Suzanne Barakat: Documents of Unfathomable Trauma

With Suzanne Barakat

“Until we are able to see beyond the otherization and the xenophobia that is so predominant in the fabric of this country, we are not going to be able to make effective changes.”

Ofer Leidner: Mind Matters

With Ofer Leidner

“When we are actually treating and supporting people with their behavioral interventions, we often hear about many diseases that are triggered by episodes of stress, anxiety, and sometimes depression.”