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Ivana Schnur: The Healing Contract

With Ivana Schnur, MD/PhD, Co-Founder & CEO,

“One of the most important lessons for me remains that respect for the sacredness of the human condition and that sacred contract between doctor and a patient.”

Chyrell D. Bellamy: The Value of Lived Experience

With Chyrell D. Bellamy, PhD, Associate Professor, Yale School of Medicine

“We need more leaders who are out about their mental health experiences, substance use experiences, and other lived experiences.”

Erin Parks: Treating Eating Disorders

With Erin Parks, PhD, Co-Founder, Equip

“When you’re getting mental health treatment, and you don’t get better, it’s not your fault. It’s the treatment’s fault.”

Eric Dy: To Providers or Consumers?

With Eric Dy, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO, Bloomlife

“At a technology level, there’s nothing different between a consumer product and a medical device.”

Alison Darcy: Robot Empathy

With Alison Darcy, President & Founder, Woebot

“How can a robot also be a tool that allows you to challenge your thinking?”

Ravyn Miller: Speedbumps Accelerate Access

With Ravyn Miller: Sr. Marketing Director, Medtronic

“We need to put speed bumps into healthcare decision-making processes, to ensure that we are holding ourselves accountable, not to fall prey to our biases.”

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