Rosenman Network

Connecting people is what we do best. We couldn’t do it without our incredible Rosenman Network. Our experienced network is at the ready to offer expert counsel and invaluable connections to our Innovators and Fellows every step of the way.

Rosenman Advisors

The Rosenman Advisors have substantial experience in healthtech commercialization, with core strengths spanning product development, regulatory, clinical affairs, intellectual property, marketing and company founding. Each Rosenman Innovator company is assigned 7-10 Advisors, with whom they meet as needed for everything from practical business counsel to advice on strategic issues during the course of the Innovator program and beyond.

Our network of Advisors is extensive, but we would like to highlight the contribution of those individuals who gave the Institute a boost at its founding and through the early years. The Institute was founded to honor the memory of the late Dan Rosenman, and the Founding Advisors comprise many of his friends and professional colleagues.

Founding Rosenman Advisors