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Pinaki Ray

“Successful product development is as much art as it is science. Creating the right product for the right customer and being able to scale an idea to make it commercially successful takes a lot of expertise, which comes through experience. The Rosenman Institute nurtures ideas from concept to launch. Often, innovators and new entrepreneurs need a helping hand to create ‘customer delighters,’ and often these inventions in healthcare save lives. The joy of being able to help create something new and make it successful drives me to be a Rosenman Fellow. These are the very principles Dan Rosenman lived by, and he brings us all together to make an everlasting impact on society.”

Pinaki Ray is a seasoned inventor and entrepreneur, and he has a successful track record in the fields of phlebotomy, cardiac surgery, cardiology, diabetes management software, cancer diagnosis, and treatment software. Pinaki has both worked in successful startups like Heartport and held senior management positions in companies like Johnson & Johnson and Roche. In 2008, he launched an eCommerce venture in the healthcare supply chain space for ambulatory surgery centers. Pinaki holds 10 granted patents and 46 patent applications worldwide. He holds a Masters in Software Business Management from Carnegie Mellon University and graduate degrees in computer science and mechanical engineering.