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David Snow

David Snow has been in the medical device industry for over 25 years. His primary expertise is in cardiovascular devices, but he has also developed products for neurovascular, urological, and gynecological applications. He has served as Vice President of R&D for BioCardia and Foxhollow Technologies, and he has held other technical leadership roles at Xtent, Heartport, and Devices for Vascular Intervention. He is an inventor on over 20 U.S. patents. He earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Tufts University and an M.S. in mechanical engineering from Stanford University.

“One particularly rewarding experience in my career was being part of the Heartport team that developed a novel system for minimally invasive cardiac surgery. This team included cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, and engineers with experience developing a wide variety of devices. In the Rosenman Institute, I’ve found an opportunity to work with a similarly eclectic and even more experienced team to help identify, nurture, and advance promising ideas that will become therapies with broad clinical impact.”