UCSF Rosenman RISE Welcomes the 2024 Next Generation of Health Innovators 

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Empowering Healthtech Visionaries: Meet the 2024 RISE Cohort at UCSF Rosenman Institute

San Francisco, CA, March 26, 2024—We’re excited to introduce the 2024 RISE Cohort at the Rosenman Institute. This cohort showcases a diverse and innovative group of health tech entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds. Each member of this year’s cohort is at the forefront of their field because they bring unique solutions and perspectives to the healthcare industry. 

The RISE program offers these entrepreneurs unparalleled mentorship from UCSF’s extensive network and beyond, including advisors and strategic partners. Tailored mentorship is provided based on the founders’ personal journeys and expertise areas, through three months of intensive one-on-one sessions. 

Here are the inspiring leaders of the 2024 RISE Cohort: 

  • Aditi Gaur – CTO of Mind and Match, focusing on enabling self-funded plans to contract with independent mental health professionals across state lines, tackling the provider shortage issue. 
  • Alison Greenberg – CEO of Ruth Health, offering telehealth services with a focus on prenatal and postnatal care, utilizing HIPAA-compliant texting and a custom care hub for expectant parents. 
  • Benga Adeeko – CEO of NewGait, developing the NewGait to aid individuals with walking disabilities. 
  • Charu Singhal – CEO of Etta.io, creating SaMD AI solutions for the detection of hard-to-observe tumors. 
  • Fei Jiang – Co-founder of HippoClinic, developing an AI-powered platform for non-invasive brain surgery planning. 
  • Kim Petty – CEO of Onward Health, providing rideshare and transportation management solutions for healthcare systems. 
  • Maria Artunduaga – CEO of Samay, focusing on a device using acoustic resonance for early COPD detection and management. 
  • Megan Rozanski – CEO of Mind and Match, working on interstate mental health practices. 
  • Shivani Parikh – COO at Onward Health, contributing to comprehensive transportation solutions in healthcare. 
  • Susan Conover – CEO of Piction Health, with a focus on skin disease image databases and AI systems for dermatology. 

These entrepreneurs are poised for significant development in communications, legal matters, business strategies, and investment realms. The combination of dedicated Rosenman mentors and the founders’ eagerness to learn and innovate promises to bring impactful advancements in healthcare. 

Congratulations to the 2024 RISE Founders!