Innovating with Heart: Joe Connolly’s Journey to Transform Women’s Healthcare

With Joe Connolly, Founder & CEO, Visana Health

We are thrilled to have Joe Connolly, Founder and CEO of Visana Health and a respected member of our Rosenman Founder Community, on our podcast. Joe’s commitment to women’s healthcare is deeply rooted in his personal experience, watching his mother battle an undiagnosed menstrual pain condition for over two decades. His journey has led him to champion innovations in women’s health, bridging significant care gaps.

At the forefront of Visana Health, Joe leverages his biomedical engineering expertise to broaden the scope of women’s health beyond maternity care. Under his guidance, Visana Health has become a highlight of the Rosenman Institute’s portfolio and gained distinction as an ADAPT Awardee within the Rosenman Institute’s ADAPT Program. This recognition afforded Visana Health the unique opportunity to collaborate with a leading healthcare payer, further enhancing its ability to deliver impactful health solutions.

Joe’s prior leadership in medical device strategy has been pivotal in deploying digital health solutions that enhance patient care while reducing costs. In this episode, we’ll discuss how Joe’s drive spurs his professional pursuits, significantly impacting women’s healthcare.

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