UCSF Rosenman RISE Welcomes the Next Generation of Health Innovators

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RISE is a UCSF Rosenman program that identifies promising entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds in health technology. These entrepreneurs are awarded with top-notch mentorship from the vast UCSF network of advisors and strategic partners. Mentors are matched with RISE Founders based on their personal backgrounds and areas of expertise. Through three months of one-on-one interactions, RISE Founders receive professional guidance and strategic support, advancing the missions of promising startups nationwide.  

Over the next three months, RISE founders will work with their mentors on pitch decks, business and go-to-market strategy, team building, and tips and tricks for CEOs. The mentorship is underway and Kwamane Liddell, CEO of Nutrible, shared, “it’s exciting to be matched with a mentor who has a wealth of experience and insight. To get their time, have the opportunity to develop relationships with them, and learn from them is really powerful.”

The founders aren’t the only ones receiving mentorship– however– the mentors too will learn from the founders; one mentor referencing this as “bidirectional mentees”. Clearly, mentorship is an extremely fulfilling experience for both mentors and mentees.  

Each chosen founder has a unique perspective and background that has helped shape who they are today and their innovative approach to solving some of the toughest problems facing healthcare. This year’s cohort is made up of inspiring female, immigrant, POC, and first- generation founders that are tackling everything from stroke monitoring, to hearing loss, to nutrition through their startups. 

Congratulations to the 2023 RISE Founders! 

These founders and their companies are in for 3 months of incredible growth, whether it be in the communications, legal, business strategy or investment field. The Rosenman mentors are ready to direct graciously, and the mentees are eager to learn– a combination that will improve the lives of many in the years to come.