Healthtech Leaders of the Month

Rosenman is proud to present our Healthtech Leaders—individuals who are transforming health technology with innovation, creativity and patient care.
Aug 10, 2021 Aswin’s 3 Lessons Learned: “Protect your psychology as a leader. Think big, but execute small. Hire for grit.”  
Jul 21, 2021 “As a leader in an emerging category, launching a product that’s never existed, there’s not a standard playbook for what we’re doing. How do we charter the unknown?”
Jun 25, 2021 Sam’s 3 Lessons Learned: “Understand how money flows. Prepare for (really) long sales cycles. Define your core values.”
May 27, 2021 “It doesn’t matter that you have one minute left in the game and you’re down ten points, you have to believe that you’re going to win. And every now and then it happens.”
Apr 22, 2021 “Medtech is a small world. We’re all in this together. If we can all support each other, and help the overall ecosystem, that can really lift everybody up. That’s how we all win together.”
Mar 25, 2021 “Surround yourself with people who have the skills and expertise that you don’t have.”
Feb 12, 2021 “Success isn’t final. You need to make progress every day to succeed in whatever you’re working toward.”

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