Robin Shah: Thyme Care – A Better Journey for All

With Robin Shah, Founder & CEO, Thyme Care

As a pre-med biomedical engineering major student, Robin Shah, Founder & CEO of Thyme Care, focused on the medical route before delving into the business side of medicine. During his undergraduate years, he worked summers dedicated to working with his father in their oncology clinic, realizing the need to bring high-value care into the community.

To make cancer care more accessible for more people, Robin founded Thyme Care, a company comprised of longstanding leaders in the field of oncology and digital health to create a platform that treats people as the priority and connects providers, payers, and patients every step of cancer treatment journey.

In this episode, Robin discusses his journey in the world of oncology, from his undergraduate experiences to his most recent breakthrough in establishing a new digital healthcare resource for cancer patients.

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