AI in Healthcare: Margo Georgiadis on Pioneering Change

With Margo Georgiadis, CEO & Co-founder, Montai Health

Margo Georgiadis is an accomplished leader in business and technology. She is currently the CEO and Co-founder of Montai Health and a CEO partner at Flagship Pioneering. Margo brings a rich tapestry of experiences, from her transformative leadership at Ancestry.com to influential roles at Google and McKinsey.

Margo is an innovator and fearless leader. Embracing change, Margo transitioned from conventional business roles to the vibrant world of health technology. She focuses on using data and AI to reshape patient care, especially in managing chronic diseases. Margo blends computational power with healthcare to revolutionize disease prediction and treatment.

In this episode, we discuss digitization and the role of AI in disease management, as well as the importance of innovative thinking in driving significant changes in health technology.

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