Anna Lisa Somera

Anna Lisa Somera

Anna Lisa Somera brings over 20 years’ experience working with start-ups in different capacities including biomedical research, venture capital, technology […]

Cyrell Roberson

Cyrell Roberson is the Founder and CEO of Jubily. Cyrell is currently a doctoral candidate at UC Berkeley in Educational […]

James Lott

James Lott has over a decade of experience in the pharmacy setting including serving as a former Pharmacy Manager and […]

Crystal Nyitray

Crystal Nyitray is the Founder and CEO of Encellin. She is an alum of UCSF, Sanofi, and Y Combinator. She […]

Gabriel Sanchez

Gabriel Sanchez is the co-founder and CEO of Enspectra Health. He is leveraging his extensive experience innovating in the fields […]