Aartik Sarma, MD

Aartik is currently a fellow in pulmonology and critical care medicine at UCSF. He studied biomedical engineering and public policy […]

Doug Portnow

Doug Portnow is a registered patent attorney and a Principal of Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner. His practice focuses on patent […]

Piers Blewett

Piers Blewett is a patent attorney and principal at Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner. He is a former Chief Patent Counsel […]

Tony Fields

Until the end of 2018, Mr. Fields served as the Chief Operating Officer of Claret Medical, having joined as the […]

Michael Weaver

Michael Weaver is a mechatronic engineer with a PhD in medical radiation physics. During his post-doctoral work, he was deeply […]

Sheridan Gho

Sheridan Gho is a biomechanicist and social researcher who completed her PhD in biomechanics with a focus on breast cancer […]

Tak Cheung

Tak joined NEA in 2018 as a Principal on the healthcare team. He focuses on medical device investments. Prior to […]