Messaging strategy
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Two awards available.

Do you want a…

  1. Clear message that resonates?
  2. Compelling message that scales?
  3. Competitive message that nails your unique value?

We can show you how to:

  1. Uncover Your Message Gaps
  2. Discover Your Sustainable Advantages
  3. Architect Your Winning Message for Impact

I am Maureen Shaffer, a three-time Vice President of Marketing with 20 years of experience inside medical device companies. I have provided early-stage market and message strategy services for medical device CEOs with my own company, Mingletoe, since 2012.

Leveraging these methods, we will partner together for private, 1:1 sessions during this 8-week Message Engineer™ Program! We want to help more medtech startups engineer their winning message to successfully drive funding and revenue.

Two Rosenman Innovators will receive:

  1. 30 minutes a week of 1:1 coaching with Chief Message Architect, Maureen Shaffer
  2. 8 weeks of Message Architect Program sessions – learning, coaching and accountability make it happen
  3. 8 hours of custom done-for-you consulting to help develop your message – the perfect balance of learning how to do it yourself and real-time support to get it done fast

Let’s synthesize message chaos into a clear, compelling and competitive winning message—together.