Messaging strategy
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Three awards available.

Do you want a…

  • Clear message that resonates?
  • Compelling message that scales?
  • Competitive message that nails your unique value?

We can show you how to:

  • Uncover Your Message Gaps
  • Discover Your Sustainable Advantages
  • Architect Your Winning Message for Impact

I am Maureen Shaffer, a three-time Vice President of Marketing with 20 years of experience inside medical device companies. I have provided early-stage market and message strategy services for medical device CEOs with my own company, Mingletoe, since 2012.

Leveraging these methods, we will partner together for private, 1:1 sessions during this 8-week Message Architect™ Program! We want to help more medtech startups, just like you, discover and architect their winning message to successfully fund, pitch, and commercialize their novel medical device.

Now I am sharing my winning methods in private 1:1, 8-week Message Architect™ Program sessions! I want to help more medtech startups discover and architect their winning message so they can successfully fund, pitch and commercialize their novel medical device.

Three Rosenman Innovators will receive:

  • 50 minutes a week of 1:1 coaching with Chief Message Architect, Maureen Shaffer
  • 8 weeks of Message Architect Program sessions – learning, coaching and accountability make it happen plus you schedule them at your convenience
  • 8 hours of our in-house, custom done-for-you consulting to help develop your message – the perfect balance of learning how to do it yourself and real-time consulting support to get it done fast

Let’s synthesize message chaos into a clear, compelling and competitive message—together.