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Congratulations to the 15 companies selected for the UCSF Rosenman ADAPT final cohort, an inspiring group of health technology companies with the promise to improve health outcomes at the population/community level.

Every fall, we invite entrepreneurs to pitch their health solutions to ADAPT program partners and industry leaders. Companies from the ADAPT cohort that match with ADAPT program partners will receive $100K of non-dilutive funding, along with strategic guidance to accelerate deployable product development. These dedicated partners include Blue Shield of California, Cigna Healthcare, Evernorth Health Services, OptumLabs, and UnitedHealth Group.

The 2022 ADAPT cohort joins an inventive group of past ADAPT awardees and Rosenman Founders. Last year, awardees included Laguna Health, a digital recovery assurance company with an app that provides step-by-step guidance for member’s evolving individual recovery needs; MD Ally, whose partnership with Public Safety gives non-emergency callers instant access to telehealth; Visana Health, a women’s health company that provides holistic care to those suffering from gynecological conditions; and XP Health, the world’s first all-in-one vision health platform.

With great enthusiasm, the 2022 ADAPT finalists are:

  • Ayble Health is a digital precision health platform that delivers whole-person care for GI conditions. We combine clinical protocols and machine learning to provide personalized dietary and behavioral therapy (supported by a licensed coach/dietitian). We close care gaps for patients in medical deserts with limited access to primary/specialty care.
  • CareX AI transforms any camera-equipped device into a regulated vital sign monitor. We are a seed-stage Palo Alto-based digital health company developing an AI-powered, video-based, no-wearable software solution. Our SaMD application can currently measure vitals such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation, instant stress and other vitals.
  • Frame Fertility is true family planning. Through proactive, digital-first family building support, Frame enables predictability and reduction of costs by avoiding downstream crises and unnecessary procedures. Frame combines evidence-based protocols with holistic health coaching to engage anyone that may want children someday in making critical changes to impact their outcomes.
  • HealthLeap’s machine learning model is now the world’s most accurate malnutrition risk prediction tool (it uses labs, conditions, vitals, past visits, medications, etc.). Our mobile & desktop decision-support app integrates with hospitals to help nutrition care teams identify, assess, and treat disease-related malnutrition better. 
  • Lisa Health’s Midday app is the first to use AI and sensor technology to illuminate the menopause life stage and support women with an end-to-end platform for personalized evidence-based and science-backed insights and therapeutics. Our IP includes patent-pending algorithms for the three top menopause biomarkers.
  • Midi Health is the only comprehensive digital-first health solution for women 40-65 navigating midlife hormone transition. The solution is designed by experts, scaled by technology, and delivered by trained clinicians. Services are covered by insurance with convenient access to clinical care through telehealth, 24/7 messaging, at-home testing, and home delivery. 
  • Mighty Health is a modern daily lifestyle change platform for adults 65+. Complementing traditional MA fitness benefits, Mighty is more holistic (250+ classes on nutrition, sleep, loneliness, etc.), engaging (coaches and community drive 2.5x sessions/day), and clinically impactful (15 lbs avg lost, ~$1000/yr in cost savings).
  • Moving Analytics Movn is a virtual cardiac rehabilitation service for patients with heart attacks/surgery. Only 15% of patients (5% women/minorities) complete brick-and-mortar rehab, due to cost/time/travel/accessibility. Movn has tripled care-access with evidence-based programing, remote monitoring and personalized coaching. Movn’s platform includes a patient-management portal, a patient-facing mobile app and nationally licensed providers. 
  • Pear Suite’s web-based platform allows bilingual community health workers to be up-skilled to build stronger, trusted connections, collect better SDoH data through guided prompts and questionnaires, and drive action through dynamic dashboards, goal setting, and predictive insights. The platform features an omni-channel communication tool and tracks health and social care outcomes.
  • Recover provides effective and affordable addiction treatment via telemedicine through telehealth platform. We partner with local governments who refer patients and fund services. We integrate wrap-around government services along with medical services to improve outcomes for low-income patients up to ten times and expand access to best-in-class care.  
  • SpectrumAi’s ABA electronic health record, Twyll, simplifies arduous documentation for providers, and dramatically improves supervisor oversight. Our payor analytics tool, Patterns, captures and compares data across providers and organizations to enable health plans to tier ABA networks based on outcomes metrics. Our roadmap includes automated data collection and treatment recommendations.
  • Summer Health offers message-based pediatric care within 15 minutes 24/7 across all 50 states. Our novel approach allows providers to deliver high quality care pseudo-synchronously to patients in an expedient manner for issues ranging from urgent needs to developmental questions and everything in between.
  • Vincere Health’s core technology is a HIPAA-compliant engagement platform that combines digital marketing and activation tools with intelligent incentive engine that can deliver conditional rewards and behavioral nudges based on verifiable patient health actions. We ingest remote monitoring data, HIE data, and other data sources and deliver AI-driven omni-channel 2-way communication.
  • Welfie is health equity platform that empowers Community Health Workers with a suite of tools to deliver health education, care coordination and population health to families on Medicaid
  • WellTheory is a digital nutrition and lifestyle-based coaching solution for autoimmune disease. We deliver whole-person care featuring evidence-based dietary and lifestyle interventions that address the root cause of autoimmunity. Through our unique membership-based model, we offer expert-led, science-backed programs for community coaching members and tailored support for 1:1 members.