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We connect health technology startups in our network with talented undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students to internship programs.

MTM – Master of Translational Medicine – UC Berkeley & UCSF

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Looking for startups sponsors to propose a project for 2023-24

As a sponsor, you’ll work with 3-4 students who are passionate about advancing new healthcare technology innovations. The MTM program is designed to train students to take research from the early stages to clinical use. By sponsoring a capstone project, you’ll provide valuable guidance to students as they work to substantially advance your healthcare innovation towards the clinic.

Expectations of the Sponsor
  • Commitment to student learning and growth. MTM students are seeking an excellent educational experience that will prepare them to launch into a variety of careers; their work on their capstone project is the centerpiece of their experience as students. Sponsors must commit to the goal of helping students grow and explore areas that are of interest and to facilitating collaborative working relationships across disciplines.
  • Access to ample resources. Although there is no direct cost for sponsoring an MTM team, sponsors need to have adequate resources available (data, software, prototyping equipment, industry/clinical partnerships, etc.) so that students can begin meaningful work at the start of the program.
  • Ability to meet with students on a weekly basis. Sponsors should be excited to help students advance their goals and grow as individuals and as a team. Teams are expected to have weekly meetings with sponsors and to be in touch via email as needed between meetings. Fully remote projects should plan for at least three in-person meetings between the sponsor and students during the year.
  • Coordination with program administration. Our sponsors are asked to complete monthly surveys on team progress to ensure that the project is moving forward as expected with aligned goals. We encourage sponsors to stay in communication with program administration about team progress.
  • Alignment with program deliverables. Sponsors must review student documents in a timely manner, and strive to align project expectations and timelines with the MTM schedule (see timeline above).
Student Profiles

Students with varied backgrounds, skills, and work experience join the program. Some prioritize technical development, others prefer business and entrepreneurship, and some want clinical exposure for medical school. All seek to learn about different healthcare examples and career paths.

Click here for more information, and for additional questions, contact: Verna Manty Rodriguez.

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