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We connect health technology startups in our network with talented undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students to internship programs.

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(For Rosenman Founders Only)

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Are you interested in hosting a fully funded community college student from Foothill College for a 9 or 10 week part-time summer internship? 

This will involve a 7-8 hour per week commitment for the intern supervisor.

Join the Foothill Science Learning Institute’s Summer Internship program as a research host/mentor!

  • You will propose a 9 or 10 week project related to your research or work that a student can work on independently, with some guidance from you. 
  • Then you’ll get matched with a Foothill College student, and they will work with you for the summer (starting 7/5 through the beginning of September). 
  • You have the option for a micro-internship (6 – 7 hours per week for the intern) or a regular internship (15 – 20 hours per week).
  • This will involve a 3 – 6 hour per week commitment as a mentor (depending on whether it is micro or a regular internship).

For more information, read this program overview.
This program is a partnership with the UCSF Rosenman Institute

What our interns have to say about their experiences …

I was grateful to gain some real-world lab skills prior to applying for transfer to a four-year university. I enjoyed working in the innovative and flexible start-up environment and would consider it a solid option for future job searches.

Madison Pearson
Foothill College student studying chemistry, intern at Intact Therapeutics, summer 2021

This experience has been so valuable and empowering for me to understand what a future career could potentially look like for me. I got a glimpse into what it’s like working in the professional world and gained insight on how to communicate and work with others.

Cindy Tung
Foothill College student intern at Potrero Medical, summer 2021, currently at UC Berkeley studying bioengineering

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