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Looking for Host Startups For the Saltire Virtual Scholar Internship Program

Applications are open for the Saltire Virtual Scholar Internship Program. An 8-10 weeks internship through the UCSF Rosenman Institute’s collaboration with the Entrepreneurial Scotland Foundation.

Eligible students are in the penultimate year of their undergraduate program studying in universities in Scotland.

To get involved:

  • Applications are due March 1st.
  • Cost is $750/week and host companies contract directly with ESF (a 501c3). 
  • There is no employment relationship as a Host company contracts with our Foundation, a 501c3.

Why the Saltire Internship Program:

  • The only national pre-graduate program in Europe. 
  • Attracts diverse applicants from all degree backgrounds who are in their penultimate year of study at Scottish Universities. 
  • Highly competitive process: less than half of applicants qualify for the candidate pool.
  • ESF team conducts initial interviews and shortlisting, providing a host organization with three finalists for them to interview and make the final decision. 

What our startup hosts have to say about their experiences …

“From finding us summer interns to connecting us with investors to hosting great events featuring leading medtech innovators, the Institute has played a significant role in helping us successfully navigate the early stages of building a company.”

Nick Damiano
Co-Founder & CEO, Zenflow

“Our intern Wenbo Ge was fantastic. There was one specific piece of test equipment that we had previously designed that cost us $10,000 in parts and $3,000 in software. Wenbo was able to re-design the fixture so that total part cost was under $2,000 and he also eliminated the expensive software by writing the code with a free online tool that he found.”

Brandon Felkins
Co-Founder & COO, Ocular Dynamics

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