2021 Rosenman Innovators Demo Day

This is the event webpage for the 2021 Rosenman Innovators Demo Day, June 10, 2021. Scroll down to view information and pitch videos for this year’s selected companies.

2021 Rosenman Innovators

Please contact us if you are an investor who would like to view the full-length pitch videos.

Auricle, Inc. is a medical device venture focused on commercializing the first validated and effective therapy that treats tinnitus at its source.

Avenda Health has built a male ‘lumpectomy’ for prostate cancer to preserve quality of life. Their AI-enabled laser ablation can be performed in a doctor’s office under local anesthesia.

Evren Technologies is advancing the treatment of PTSD through user-friendly and products, including an earbud that treats PTSD through neurostimulation, a symptom tracking app, remote clinician monitoring, and a PTSD patient database. 

Fibralign Corporation produces therapeutic devices using its patented Nanoweave technology that creates bio-scaffolding which precisely mimics human tissue. Fibralign’s first product addresses lymphedema, a global chronic disease that has no cure.

imvaria is a healthtech company developing and commercializing digital biomarkers, machine-learning driven tools to drive diagnosis and risk stratification in serious and rare diseases.

Invenio Imaging is developing the NIO Laser Imaging System, designed to streamline intraoperative histology, reducing downtime in the OR and allowing for examination of specimens from multiple sites in the surgical cavity.

Noleus Technologies, Inc. is developing a low-risk therapeutic device to reduce post-operative ileus. This is a $5.8B TAM, and Noleus is a seed-stage company with issued IP with a 510K FDA pathway.

Novela Neurotechnologies, Inc. is commercializing nEureka®, a patient-first data platform that enables personalized remote care for epilepsy. nEureka® leverages smart wearables to empower users to manage all aspects of their epilepsy, 24/7.

OOTify, Inc. is an online mental health hub serving the entire mental health spectrum, from psycho-education for all, to digital phenotype matching to the best clinical/subclinical resources for them, to teletherapy.

SpineX Inc. is developing TESCoN, a noninvasive spinal cord neuromodulator to activate and retrain the spinal neural circuits responsible for control of function.

Returning Innovators

NeuraLace’s Axon Therapy is a pain management treatment that targets post-traumatic chronic peripheral nerve pain. Our goal is to provide sustainable pain relief, minimizing side effects – using magnetic pulses that activate pain management fibers in your body.

Novonate is committed to designing products that solve problems in neonatal care. We developed LifeBubble, a device that revolutionizes umbilical catheter protection and securement to improve safety for neonates in the intensive care setting.

Siris Medical, Inc. is an expert team with the vision of improving oncology treatment delivery, patient outcomes and cost effectiveness through AI-enabled decisioning that supports clinicians and payers.

ThrombX Medical is a startup developing a next generation stent retriever device for ischemic stroke. The premise is that rapid TICI 3 perfusion needs to be achieved for better outcomes, and current stent retrievers are unable to perform in an optimal manner due to issues with clot capture.