Sabrina Varanelli, Founder & CEO, Nemedio

Sabrina Varanelli, Founder & CEO, Nemedio

Sabrina Varanelli is an experienced robotics engineer specializing in the development of medical and surgical robotic systems. Her unique interdisciplinary […]

Alina M. Czekai, Cohere Health

Alina M. Czekai, MPH is Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Cohere Health, a digital prior authorization start-up that is […]

Jean Pawluk

With a career in cyber security spanning over 35 years, Jean Pawluk has extensive experience in the high tech, telecom, […]

Ellen Amsel, Medigate

Ellen Amsel joined Medigate, an Israeli-based start-up specializing in securing the IoT of medical devices on networks, as Head of […]

Yuda Saydun, CyVent

Yuda Saydun

Yuda Saydun is President of CyVent, a solutions provider that deploys some of the world’s most advanced software platforms to […]

Gilly Yildirim, Nemedio

Get advice on R&D and compliance activities with a particular focus on how early compliance infrastructure and activities guide engineering activities, allowing them to build under agile development and commercialize sooner.