Shahram Seyedin-Noor, Founder & General Partner, Civilization Ventures

Shahram is Founder/ General Partner at Civilization Ventures, a VC firm focused on supporting cutting-edge innovations in health tech and biology. Shahram’s investments include Rewrite (acq. by Intellia), Foresight Diagnostics, Omada Health, Tacit Tx, Replace Tx, Lemonaid Health (acq. by 23andme), Singular Bio (acq. by Invitae), Rocket Pharma (Nasdaq), Billion-to-One, Evonetix, CatalogDNA, Palamedrix (acq. by SomaLogic), and other deep tech leaders. Prior to founding CV, Shahram was the founding CEO/Chairman of Inspirna (formerly Rgenix), an oncology therapeutics company currently in Phase 2 trials, and the CFO and VP of Corporate Development at NextBio, a genomics software pioneer acquired by Illumina.