Robby Peters, VP of Business Development, Sequoia Consulting Group

Robby Peters has spent the last 12 years of his career building relationships with HR Leaders at companies of all sizes ranging from 10 employees to 100,000. His mission has been to find a way to bring innovation and forward thinking approaches to change HR from being looked at as a compliance and administration function to a strategic position that should report directly to the CEO. Robby currently holds three roles that help push forward this mission. Robby is the VP of Business development for Sequoia Consulting Group which he joined 10 years ago as employee number 40. He is Co-Founder of PeopleTech Partners which is an organization that works with early stage tech companies looking to build products for HR Leaders. The organization has worked with and advised over 80 companies through the last 7 years and those companies have gone on to raise over 1 Billion dollars in Venture Funding. He is also the Co-Founder of SemperVirens which is an investment firm that focuses on workforce, healthcare, and financial technology companies that want to sell to and through the employer and has raised over $200 Million to invest in these companies since 2018. Across all of the networks he has built an amazing advisory community of over 300 current and former CHRO’s from companies like EA, Visa, UPS, Peloton, Netflix, Zoom, Twilio, Slack, and Disney to name a few. He has also built deep relationships with many of the other major Brokerage Firms, System Providers, and National Carriers who also play a major part in this ecosystem.