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Kai Koerber, Entrepreneur, Mental Health Activist, Student, University of California, Berkeley

Kai Koerber is a University of California, Berkeley student who founded Koer A.I. and developed the Joy app: the world’s first wellness app that can recognize how a user feels based on the sound of their voice, and then deliver wellness content to meet the emotional needs of the user, in real-time. The Koer A.I. technology has its origins in a renowned and ongoing research project that Koerber started at UC Berkeley to discern human emotional states through the analysis of bioacoustic signals and vocal expressions in a way that is language independent.

As CEO of Koer A.I., Koerber has led the charge to integrate emotion recognition algorithms into commercial products like the Joy app and currently facilitates the company’s day-to-day operations.

Koerber’s efforts and accolades have been featured by Berkeley News, Healthline Media’s Inside Mental Health Podcast with Gabe Howard, MSNBC, and the LA Times. He was an activist for the implementation of better gun control laws and mental health resources into schools, communities and workplaces. His activism in this area largely stems from the fact that he is a Parkland shooting survivor. His efforts and successes have allowed him to make appearances on various television shows like The View, and The Daily Show and be featured in dozens of publications including: INSIDER, TIME Magazine, People Magazine, and the New York Times.