Herminio Neto, Associate Director, Communications & Marketing

Herminio Neto has been part of the UCSF Rosenman Institute team since 2014. Prior to his work with the Rosenman, Herminio was the Executive Assistant to a Vice Chairman for a major investment bank, where he developed his expertise in project management and logistics and became a master of navigating high-pressure, high-volume work environments. This experience informs his success as UCSF Rosenman Institute’s Associate Director of Communications & Marketing where he advises the institute’s directors on program quality and expansion and plans and oversees multiple events made up of Rosenman’s innovation ecosystem of entrepreneurs, scientists, industry experts, and venture capitalists. Herminio’s inclination for adventure, savvy for new technologies, and his creative, strategic mind makes him jump into new innovative projects like being an executive producer on The Health Technology Podcast.