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Miki Kapoor

Miki Kapoor is President and Chief Executive Officer of Verana Health. With two decades of diverse experience exclusively in healthcare – in operations, finance, strategy and policy – Miki has a notably broad perspective on the U.S. healthcare system. Prior to joining Verana, Miki was CEO of Tea Leaves Health, a SaaS healthcare data company he scaled over the course of three years (acquired by Welltok). He was previously the President of Everyday Health, a publicly-traded company he directed toward utilizing large-scale data for effective patient-physician communication (acquired by J2 Global). Miki also served as Head of the Global Payer and Provider Division for IMS Health, Executive Vice President of Health Systems for the Clinton Foundation while living in Africa and India, and has in-depth experience advising healthcare executives for ten years at McKinsey & Company and on Wall Street.

Miki holds an MBA and MPH from Yale University and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Washington University in St. Louis. He is a Fulbright Fellow, formerly a visiting professor at two universities, and serves on the boards of several healthcare organizations.

Miki Kapoor, President & CEO, Verana Health, Speaker UCSF Rosenman Institute