San Francisco VA Health Care System

Strategic clinical consultation
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Available to one company in the final cohort.

Two hours of strategic clinical consultation. Must be fulfilled within 6 months of the program’s completion.

About the VA in San Francisco

The San Francisco VA Health Care System (SFVAHCS) is the second-highest funded research institution within the Veterans Health Administration, the nation’s largest integrated health care system. Based in northwest San Francisco, the system’s main tertiary care hospital and satellite clinics have pioneered cutting edge clinical and operational technology to improve care for Veterans. SFVAHCS will work with a Rosenman Innovator to tailor their product to meet the needs of longitudinal care systems and highly-complex patients. At the conclusion of the consultation, and within SFVAHCS discretion, innovators may have the opportunity to engage in further discussions on research and development, as well as explore potential avenues to scale further within the VA system.

San Francisco VA Health Care System