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Available to all companies in the final cohort.

5 hours of pitch deck work support

In addition, companies will receive:

  • Access to Nemedio’s cTools Quality Management System Software. Select one depending on your company’s stage¬†
    • 3 months free on 15 month contract for a precompliance quality system software license ( a cTools preQS license worth $1,500)
    • 3 months free on a 28 month contract for a full QMS license with onboarding fee waived (coreQS/designQS QMS license worth $7,500 and onboarding fee worth $5,000)
  • $5,000 towards a Starter or Basic level service package

About Nemedio

Nemedio is a compliant engineering platform that enables engineering teams to bring mission critical products to market faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.