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Cloud data storage, visualization, & analysis
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For medical devices with a cloud dependence, Galen Data is awarding 6 months use of its compliant Cloud Connectivity Platform, the Galen Cloud. This tool can be used to collect, visualize, analyze, and expose data to various stakeholders. We will also offer monthly guidance for 6 months for companies pursuing cloud connectivity. Wherever they are in their development cycle, we will support them with our own experience as best we can.

About Galen Data

Galen Data allows medical device companies to connect their devices to cloud platform via a Web API or on-board SDK in as secure manner. Once the data is collected in our system, we provide visualization, analysis and secure storage of data. We provide mobile friendly web portals for patients, clinicians and manufacturers. We manage the operations, scalability and cyber security. We provide support and certification of compliance to FDA, HIPAA/GDPR, CE Mark and ISO 13485.

Galen Data is a medical device software platform that accelerates medical device companies utilizing cloud technologies. Currently, cloud connectivity for medical devices is very costly and time consuming, requiring custom software and constant maintenance. Galen Data quickly allows companies to leverage the cloud while managing all the storage, security, access controls, maintenance, and updates thereafter. Our goal is to keep medical device companies focused on innovation and not on IT infrastructure.

Galen Data