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Regulatory, quality, and due diligence research
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Available to all companies in the final cohort, Basil Systems will provide 3 months of unlimited access to our service (one user at each company).

About Basil Systems

Basil Systems has ingested the entirety of FDA data into a single state-of-the-art architecture that now enables easy, rapid discovery of all med-device related technologies, applications, recalls, and adverse events. Our SaaS platform changes how professionals and company leaders do regulatory strategy, quality surveillance, and due diligence.

With Basil Systems, entrepreneurs, investors, and consultants can come up to speed in record time about the landscape of an industry or opportunity. Find all related products, identify historical 510(k)s that can enable a better regulatory path, explore PMAs and De Novos with one click, and assess time-to-approval trends that can help you get to market faster.

Contact: Ross Meisner, Chief Commercial Officer, 763-691-9699

Basil Systems