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Unlocking Healthcare Innovation with Emerging Technology

Speaker: Amy West, Head of US Digital Transformation & Innovation, Novo Nordisk

Thursday, January 27, 1:00 to 2:00 PM PDT

Emerging technology has unlocked an unprecedented level of innovation in the last decade. Moreover, it has elicited a radical new way we view and interact with the
world and solve problems as individuals, businesses, and communities. Healthcare has been largely impacted by technology but remains ripe for innovation that will continue to transform the economy of the industry with improved patient outcomes.
In this talk, Amy will provide insight for organizations navigating the ripe innovation landscape in healthcare. She will provoke end user-first go-to-market strategies and share patient-centered considerations that companies should maintain when developing new solutions built upon or inspired by emerging technology.
Co-sponsored by the UCSF Cyber-Champion Team as part of their 2021 Protecting Your Digital Self Series.