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Webinar: Learn Simple & Effective Program/Project Management Planning

Speaker: Travis Rappleye

Thursday, September 14, 1:00 to 2:00 PM PDT (Live Stream)

Get ready as we launch our fall Rosenman webinar season with Travis Rappleye, a Program/Project Management expert specializing in pre-commercial MedTech startups. Travis will introduce you to his unique tools and methodologies. These strategies specifically address the common challenges in project planning and create robust project plans that are efficient strategic tools and easy to develop and sustain.

Ideally, project plans should accurately represent the work, give confidence that financing will stretch to the next milestone, guide strategy, aid in decision-making, and be flexible when plans change. However, startup project planning has a stigma of being time-consuming, complicated, and challenging to change, with the end product often being no more than an inaccurate Gantt chart.

Join us as we explore these misconceptions and guide you toward simple and effective project planning.