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Fundraising Strategies that Make Investors Love You

Speaker: SC Moatti, Managing Partner, Mighty Capital

Wednesday, October 6, 1:00 to 2:00 PM PDT (Live Stream)

How do you raise venture capital money on your own terms? Starting a business is fun, growing it is rewarding, but committing to hyper-growth often requires outside capital. What are early stage investors looking for? In the end, it’s all about exit and your ability to generate superior returns. So the success of your fundraising strategy depends on your ability to effectively communicate your business story to investors, including what makes you unique, how you’re already winning, when you’ll make them even richer and why they and their friends need to invest now. Silicon Valley investor and venture capitalist SC Moatti shares best practices that align your fundraising strategy to your desired exit and make every investor love you and want to invest in you.