UCSF Rosenman Institute Unveils the 2024 Innovators Cohort

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Prestigious Program Recognizes Six Groundbreaking Companies Revolutionizing Medical Technology and Patient Care

San Francisco, CA — June 25, 2024 — The UCSF Rosenman Institute is proud to announce the 2024 UCSF Rosenman Innovators. This prestigious program continues to identify and support groundbreaking companies in healthcare innovation, recognizing the most promising startups and entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries of medical technology and transforming patient care.

The Rosenman Innovators program provides these visionary companies with invaluable resources, including expert mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to funding. Consequently, this year’s cohort showcases a diverse range of solutions, from advanced diagnostics to cutting-edge therapeutics and digital health platforms.

Meet the 2024 Rosenman Innovators Cohort:
  • Kate Dilligan, CEO,Cooler Heads: Providing FDA-cleared, patient-administered cooling caps to reduce chemotherapy-induced hair loss.
  • Surabhi Bhandari, CEO, Soulside: AI-led platform offering group-based mental health support through live sessions and text support.
  • Adam Gold, CEO, Moonrise Medical: Developing an automated ultrasound device to manage arterial disease and reduce limb amputations.
  • Mike Rosenbluth, CEO, Swing Therapeutics: Virtual care platform for chronic pain, featuring FDA-authorized digital behavioral therapy, focusing on fibromyalgia.
  • Tim Keane, CEO, TYBR Health: Innovating with B3 Gel, a biologic barrier gel to enhance recovery after tendon repair surgeries.
  • Matias Hosiasson, CEO, TrainHealth: Virtual therapy technology restoring mobility for stroke and spinal cord injury patients.

“We are excited to support these innovative companies that are at the forefront of healthcare technology,” said Christine Winoto, Executive Director at UCSF Rosenman Institute. “Their groundbreaking work has the potential to significantly improve patient care and health outcomes.”

Therefore, the UCSF Rosenman Innovators program is dedicated to fostering the development of pioneering healthcare solutions by providing comprehensive support to emerging companies. As a result, this initiative is a testament to UCSF’s commitment to advancing healthcare through innovation and collaboration.

For more information about the UCSF Rosenman Innovators and their groundbreaking work, please visit https://rosenmaninstitute.org/programs/rosenman-innovators/.