Nicholas Kristof Awarded 2024 UCSF Healthcare Impact Award for Global Health Advocacy

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Spotlight on Global Health: UCSF Honors Journalist Nicholas Kristof for Advocacy and Impact

San Francisco, CA – The UCSF Rosenman Institute proudly announces that Nicholas Kristof, the acclaimed New York Times columnist, has received the 2024 UCSF Healthcare Impact Award. The institute presented the award during a special ceremony at the Rosenman Symposium on May 21. This prestigious accolade is in recognition of Kristof’s unwavering commitment to highlighting global health disparities and advocating for marginalized and underserved populations.

Over his illustrious career, Kristof has mastered the art of blending poignant storytelling with thorough investigative journalism to shed light on critical health issues that affect vulnerable communities worldwide. From the opioid epidemic in the United States to maternal mortality in developing nations, his insightful reporting has not only informed a global audience but also catalyzed significant changes in public policy and philanthropy. His influential writings have notably swayed prominent global philanthropists, including Bill and Melinda Gates, steering their efforts toward addressing some of the most pressing health challenges.

“Nicholas Kristof’s exemplary journalism has significantly advanced public understanding and action in global health,” said Christine Winoto, Director of the UCSF Rosenman Institute. “His dedicated advocacy and compelling narrative have sparked widespread engagement and tangible improvements in healthcare access. It’s an honor to recognize such impactful work.”

The 2024 UCSF Healthcare Impact Award celebrates individuals whose efforts have significantly contributed to improving healthcare and access worldwide. Kristof’s dedication to factual, empathetic reporting continues to inspire healthcare professionals, policymakers, and fellow journalists alike.