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Green Sun, which is developing a tension corset to correct spinal deformity in children, won one of four top cash prizes at the Pedatric Device Innovation Symposium in San Jose. The device, a major advance in this field, will incorporate pressure sensors to provide feedback to doctors and enable continual adjustment.

From the website reporting the award:

Green Sun Medical received $50,000 for its device that delivers pressure needed for the correction of spinal deformity while sending real-time feedback to clinicians. Pressure sensors in the brace give feedback to doctors who can adjust the pressure on the brace as needed to correct deformities. The brace applies content pressure over time and is able to control the rotation of the spine.

A spinal deformity is characterized by a curve in a normally straight spine. Also known as scoliosis, children can develop spinal deformities from a number of things, including improper development on vertebrae before birth or repeated trauma. Doctors can treat scoliosis using non-surgical techniques like back braces or halo vests. The devices immobilize the spine to hopefully stop it from curving anymore and avoiding the need for surgery when they get older, according to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. However, a growing child may have to receive a spinal fusion to permanently stabilize the spine.

Green Sun Medical says it was founded to tackle Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis, which affects 3% of adolescents, and Kyphosis.