Foresight Mental Health Expands Access to High-Quality, Insurance-Covered Mental Health Care with Illinois Launch

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Foresight is a Rosenman Founders Pledge company. From the press release

Foresight Mental Health, the groundbreaking organization that’s transforming mental health care throughout the United States, announces the opening of offices in Illinois. Driven by their commitment to improve access to mental health care, co-founders Douglas Hapeman and Matthew Milford have expanded Foresight’s reach into the state of Illinois to help more people in need. Foresight leverages the latest technology to bring a new level of accuracy, efficiency, and affordability for its members, and offers a comprehensive array of services, including psychiatry, neuropsychology, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), nutrition, and educational support. The offices are now open for patients. To ensure the safety of all its members, Foresight also offers a TeleHealth option as recommended by local health officials.

Foresight Illinois has offices in the following cities:
• Champaign
• Chicago
• Dekalb
• Glenview
• Oak Brook
• South Elgin

At the intersection of health care and technology, a key differentiator of Foresight is their all-inclusive team of psychiatrists, therapists, neuropsychologists, nutritionists, software engineers, data scientists, and researchers, all with the shared mission to revolutionize mental health care using modern technology. This cutting-edge approach enables Foresight’s providers to deliver highly personalized, data-backed treatment plans for their members.

Foresight’s founders launched their innovative organization with a vision of integrating mental health care treatment with technology to make people happier and healthier. “We’re thrilled to open offices throughout Illinois to provide comprehensive mental health treatment for those in need. We founded Foresight to increase access to mental health care for everyone, and this remains our organization’s primary goal,” said co-founder Matthew Milford. Adds co-founder Douglas Hapeman, “We’re focused on elevating both the patient and the provider experiences at Foresight. Our team is developing technology that helps us reimagine mental health care by leveraging data to empower providers to offer our members a higher level of care.”

The sought-after office openings in Illinois are a big milestone for Foresight. The new offices will also provide patients throughout the state with the care they need. According to a recent study, The Cost of Mental Illness: Illinois Facts and Figures, 10.8% of adults report serious psychological distress, while 27.3% indicated an unmet need of mental health treatment. In addition, the study found that 41.3% of these people did not receive mental health treatment, because they could not afford it. Moreover, a 2015 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) study found that:
• 3.7% of all adults per year had serious thoughts of suicide within the year prior
• 3.7% of all adults had serious mental illness
• Close to 3.21% of adults in Illinois live with serious mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression.
• Only 44.6% of adults with mental illness in Illinois receive any form of treatment from either the public system or private providers. The renaming 55.4% received no mental health treatment.
• 6.2% of all individuals aged 2 or older were dependent on or abused alcohol

Per Mental Health America, statistics show that Illinois is ranked 11 out of the 50 states and Washington D.C. for providing access to mental health services.

Foresight is dedicated to reducing the stigma of mental illness. Reimagining mental health care treatment is Foresight’s commitment to all Americans, one person at a time. For more information, contact Foresight today: (800) 515-8313 |

About Foresight Mental Health

Foresight Mental Health is a national mental health and wellness organization with offices spanning the United States dedicated to reinventing mental health care using technology and data. With a network of hundreds of full-time therapists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, neuropsychologists, and nutritionists working in an integrative care delivery model, Foresight is able to treat tens-of-thousands of in-network health insurance plan members. Powered by the Foresight platform, providers are able to deliver care integrating next-generation digital health applications and tools to offer personalized, data-backed treatment plans for patients.