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Foresight Mental Health, the groundbreaking organization that’s transforming mental health care throughout the United States, today announces the acquisition of Chicago Personal Growth Institute (CPGI). Conveniently located in “The Loop” section of Chicago, CPGI offers a unique approach to client care by providing personal growth counseling, relationship/couples counseling, individual therapy, mindfulness based cognitive therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, workshops, and telehealth services, helping countless individuals manage stress, depression, and anxiety. With this acquisition, a team of seasoned CPGI providers will join the Foresight Mental Health team, adding to their clinical leadership and helping even more clients in need.

“We’re pleased to welcome the providers at the Chicago Personal Growth Institute to the Foresight family. Since 2017, their commitment to providing tailor made mental health care has made a huge impact in Chicago,” said Matthew Milford, co-founder of Foresight Mental Health. Adds co-founder Douglas Hapeman, “CPGI’s focus on empowering clients with a positive path to growth and well-being aligns with Foresight’s vision of a member-first approach to care. We can’t wait to extend our care even further into Chicago by joining forces with Chicago Personal Growth Institute.”

Foresight Mental Health is dedicated to reducing the stigma of mental illness. Driven by their commitment to improve access to mental health care, Foresight leverages the latest technology to bring a new level of accuracy, efficiency, and affordability for its members, and offers a comprehensive array of services, including psychiatryneuropsychologyTranscranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), therapy, nutrition, and educational support.

The lack of access to mental health treatment in Chicago remains a critical challenge. According to a recent study by the Chicago Department of Public Health, 32% of mental health facilities in Chicago are unable to meet the demand for individual psychotherapy, and 29% cannot meet the demand for trauma therapy. In addition, the study also found:

● With fewer than 200 mental health facilities in Chicago offering individual psychotherapy, the average wait time to book an appointment is 29 days.
● Only 28% of mental health care facilities in Chicago are fully equipped to offer trauma-informed services.
● Only 9% of mental health facilities in Chicago are fully equipped to offer all three core services, which include treatment for mental illness, substance abuse, and violence intervention.
● Only 55% of outpatient mental health facilities accept private insurance, and only 42% accept Medicare.
● Of the facilities offering mental health services, 21% report that mental health is not their primary offering.

“We’re thrilled with this opportunity to reach more clients in need by becoming part of Foresight Mental Health’s team,” said Chicago Personal Growth Institute’s co-CEO Jeff Stahl. Co-CEO Robert Stoner agrees. “Our goal has always been to help partner with our clients with a focus on their personal growth to help them uncover their true potential and lead their best lives. We look forward to this new chapter with Foresight Mental Health.”

Foresight Mental Health is at the intersection of health care and technology. A key differentiator is their all-inclusive team of psychiatrists, therapists, neuropsychologists, nutritionists, software engineers, data scientists, and researchers, all with the shared mission to revolutionize mental health care using modern technology. This cutting-edge approach enables Foresight’s providers to deliver highly personalized, data-backed treatment plans for their members.

Reimagining mental health care treatment is Foresight’s commitment to all Americans, one person at a time. For more information, contact Foresight today: (800) 515-8313 |

About Foresight Mental Health

Foresight Mental Health is a national mental health and wellness organization with offices spanning the United States dedicated to reinventing mental health care using technology and data. With a network of hundreds of full-time therapists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, neuropsychologists, and nutritionists working in an integrative care delivery model, Foresight is able to treat tens-of-thousands of in-network health insurance plan members. Powered by the Foresight platform, providers are able to deliver care integrating next-generation digital health applications and tools to offer personalized, data-backed treatment plans for patients.