FDA Clearance for Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment

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From the press release:

“The FDA clearance of Axon Therapy is a monumental step forward in the treatment of PDN,” said Keith Warner, CEO of Neuralace Medical, in a press release. “This first-of-its-kind, non-invasive solution embodies our commitment to innovative, patient-centered care, offering effective pain relief without the drawbacks of conventional, more invasive treatments.”

A session with the device lasts 13.5 minutes and uses magnetic pulses to alleviate pain, which Neuralace stated is a pioneering approach that represents a significant advancement in pain management.

Axon Therapy is completely noninvasive, using mPNS to treat the damage. The system sends magnetic pulses through the skin that stimulate peripheral nerve cells that are involved in the body’s pain relief mechanism but have suffered damage from conditions such as diabetes, as well as injuries, burns, and surgical procedures.