Fast Company Names EMME One of 10 Most Innovative Wellness Companies of 2021

EMME is a Rosenman Innovator and Founders Pledge company.


From Fast Company.

Despite being the most common form of contraception in the U.S., the birth control pill has a 9% failure rate, largely from missed doses. “The way we’re managing the pill really hasn’t changed since the ’60s,” says Emme cofounder Amanda French. “I knew that was a problem I could solve with technology.” The Emme Smart Case uses a multisensor system to detect if the day’s pill is present, and sends reminders until the user takes it. The companion app tracks users’ cycles and provides CDC-recommended information about what to do if they miss a pill, based on when in their cycle it occurred. The $99 case is compatible with more than 150 brands, eligible for FSA and HSA spending, and in beta testing reduced missed pills by 80%.