Emme, smart birth control case company, launches telemedicine service

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Emme is a Rosenman Innovator and Founders Pledge company.


Emme, a health tech company that launched a birth control tracking smart case and app this past August, has now expanded its offerings into prescription delivery and telemedicine.  

The new service, called EmmeRx, will be available in 16 states initially, with expansion planned throughout the country.  

“There are many services that telehealth cannot replace, but our aim with our digital offering is to help make health management an everyday experience, rather than one that only happens at an annual check-up,” said Amanda French, cofounder and CEO, to Healthcare IT News.  


Emme representatives say the service aims to be a fully integrated contraception system, including the case and app, telemedicine, and prescription delivery.   

“Emme members have access to the free Emme app to track symptoms, experiences and side effects to have a convenient record that they can use to discuss their needs with their OB/GYN,” said French.  

Although the smart case is compatible with more than 100 pills, patients will have the option to choose from 10 through EmmeRx. French says the list is “comparable to more than 50 name brands.”  

“It was important to us to prioritize affordability to support accessibility to birth control pills for those who do not have insurance,” said French, noting that the company may add more based on member feedback.  

Both the Emme smart case and EmmeRx are HSA and FSA eligible. The pills are not covered by insurance, but prices start at $15 per pack. According to Emme, the move aims to address gaps in contraceptive care. 

“This expansion has always been part of our core vision for Emme, because our goal is to solve all the challenges that people have with the pill with a comprehensive, integrated offering,” said French.   

Emme also may expand beyond contraception in the future, French says.  

“Emme offers a unique platform that connects patients, pharmacies and providers, and applies innovative technology to drive improved outcomes for all,” said French.  

“With this foundation, Emme is well positioned to expand into other forms of medication and areas of health management. We receive requests from our members every week to expand our product to support their additional medications, in addition to birth control pills, and we look forward to continuing to expand our pipeline to meet this demand,” she added.  


Emme joins the ranks of other specialty services that have expanded into telemedicine in recent months, including Nurx, which started offering acne and migraine treatments in addition to birth control.  

But one potential challenge, as evidenced by EmmeRx’s current availability, will be with telemedicine laws, which vary state-by-state.   

Although interstate licensure requirements, for example, have been waived during the pandemic, it’s likely that medical boards will reinstate them – making it more potentially difficult for many of these kinds of app-based companies to provide care.  


Coupled with EmmeRx, the Emme Smart Birth Control System is positioned to address the challenges that people face with accessing the pill and finding the right prescription for their body, significantly enhancing our ability to solve all the challenges that come with the birth control pill experience today,” said French.