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We’re excited to introduce the 2023 ADAPT cohort, a group of 12 groundbreaking companies poised to revolutionize various aspects of healthcare. These companies, with their advanced AI solutions and unique patient care models, are at the forefront of innovation. Being part of the Rosenman Institute portfolio, they benefit from unparalleled access to resources, industry expertise, and a network of like-minded innovators, which empowers them to push the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare. 

Every fall, entrepreneurs in our ADAPT program have the opportunity to pitch their health solutions to program partners and industry leaders. Companies from the ADAPT cohort that match with our program partners are eligible to receive $100K of non-dilutive funding and strategic guidance to expedite the development of their solutions. Our dedicated partners, including  Blue Shield of CaliforniaCigna HealthcareEvernorth Health ServicesOptumLabs, and UnitedHealth Group, play a pivotal role in this initiative.  

Congratulations to the 2023 ADAPT finalist cohort!  

  • Appa Health: Appa can supplement/supplant traditional adolescent therapy by providing diverse college-graduate mentors via text/video-chat. Mentors support teens as relatable role models alongside a CBT video curriculum created by licensed therapist TikTok influencers. We’ve demonstrated therapy-level outcomes and incredible engagement/retention. 90% improve on the GAD/PHQ. 75% finish 12-weeks.
  • Backpack Healthcare: Backpack Healthcare is a pediatric mental health tele-therapy company that has created a Digital Self-Care Application called Hello Backpack. The bibliotherapy-based app is designed to help children process their feelings through a personalized and interactive experience. Daily data is collected about the child’s mood, sleep patterns, and severity of symptoms.
  • Carenostics: Carenostics’ AI Platform ingests health system EHR data, creating a localized, high-performing model to detect undiagnosed chronic conditions. Deployed within the health system’s firewall, it optimizes health equity, offers transparency, and integrates insights into the EHR for point-of-care delivery to physicians.
  • Ceresti Health: Ceresti’s caregiver-enabled care program is a non-medical technology-enabled service that leverages data and predictive analytics to activate and support caregivers via personalized education, proactive coaching, and remote monitoring, all delivered via a dedicated tablet that is shipped to the caregiver’s home.
  • Gabbi: Gabbi assesses a woman’s risk of breast cancer in <2 minutes, equips her with a personalized care plan, & navigates her to in-network care. We remit these findings to the patient’s PCP and can serve as the outsourced breast specialist via telehealth, ordering appropriate in-network screening or render synchronous care.
  • Isaac Health: Isaac Health is a platform for dementia management. We partner with health systems and payers to screen, diagnose, and treat dementia. Our platform enables population screening and provides non-neurologists (e.g., PCPs) the tools and ecosystem to provide specialist care, given half the country is a dementia neurology desert.
  • Kivo Health: Kivo provides telehealth rehab for chronic lung disease. We provide an 8-week, Medicare-covered program that improves symptoms and reduces costs of care by $8k per patient. We developed patent-pending software to monitor real-time oxygen and heart rate and ship patients a kit (includes oxygen monitor, and cellular tablet).
  • Neura Health: Neura Health’s technology is a comprehensive feedback and follow-through platform for chronic neurological conditions. It includes a proprietary symptom tracker, AI-based care plan, and on-demand video visits with tele-neurologists from our own network. Our provider app and admin tool leverage sophisticated triage algorithms to make care delivery more efficient.
  • Nutrible: Nutrible deploys AI social workers into environments like health systems, churches, and schools and seamlessly enrolls families into programs like Supplement Nutrition Assistance Programs, Housing and Urban Development, transportation, healthcare, and health insurance applications. When families have chronic conditions, we convert them into patients and provide virtual chronic care management
  • Paloma Health: Paloma Health is a team of medical experts specializing in thyroid care using a custom-built, condition-specific, direct-to-patient platform accessible as a web-based or mobile application. Our full-stack solution enables physician-led telehealth, chronic condition and medication management, at-home lab tests and results, symptom trackers, thyroid courses, and a supportive patient community.
  • WellTheory: WellTheory is a first-of-its-kind virtual program for the 15% of the population with autoimmune disease. Our research-backed proprietary program addresses the root cause of autoimmunity for over 50 conditions and treats the whole person, supporting clinical remission and lowering usage of high-cost specialty medications (e.g., Humira) for patients.
  • YourPath: YourPath builds and powers healing communities for organizations and individuals working to support recovery from substance use issues. Through multichannel communications between patients and providers, between providers, and between payers and providers, we are able to ensure timely access to appropriate services.